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Sashiko Global Online Store (Renewal)

We feel that Sashiko is getting popular in the world. As a group of Sashiko artists in Japan, we are happy that people appreciate Sashiko's beauty and its culture. We invested in some of our time and effort to make better Sashiko Global Online Store.

We feel that Sashiko is getting popular in the world. As a group of Sashiko artists in Japan, we are happy that people appreciate Sashiko’s beauty and its culture. We invested in some of our time and effort to make better Sashiko Global Online Store.

In order to accommodate the needs, we updated some of the features of the website such as the UI design and shipping fee table.

More reasonable Shipping & Handling Fees

You may choose the flat rate shipping based on your location.

We charge the flat-rate shipping fee by calculating where you are making an order from.


Your purchase is very important for us. We do not want to lose your package. Avoid any unfortunate errors, the standard shipping comes with certain insurance & tracking. We guarantee to deliver what you have paid for. Also, you can upgrade the shipping to express mail with the all flat rate fee of $25.00. You will receive the package as matters of a few days.



We ship worldwide. Sashiko Global Online Store


Our goal is to introduce Sashiko to the world and support the Sashiko life with providing information, tutorials and all the supply we would need. We try to make a shipment to anywhere you live. If you live where you cannot easily get Sashiko supply & information, please let us know. We will do our best to provide everything you need to enjoy Sashiko.


For the tutorial, Atsushi from Upcycle Stitches LLC has a good variety of materials on YouTube & on his website.

You may leave the comment here to request more information & tutorials if you wish. We will reply as soon as we can with either making a blog article or replying in the comment section.


Enjoy Sashiko!

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Sashiko Live Stream & We ship internationally

Sashiko LIve Stream now with Atsushi

We thought it would require so many preparations to start the live streaming to share how we do Sashiko. In fact, it was as simple as a small tripod and a smartphone. Now, I am on Sashiko Live Stream. I enjoy talking with viewers who share the similar interest, and happy to share what I am proud of.


Here is a sample of Live Streaming on Youtube. I also stream on Instagram.

Basic schedule of Sashiko Live Stream

  • Regular Sashiko Stitching Stream on Instagram: Every Tuesday and Friday around 9 am EST (US New York Time Zone).
  • Sashiko mending Stream: Since I plan to keep them in form of archives, I will do so on Youtube.



What you can get from Sashiko Live Stream

I receive a lot of validation that it is rare to see the actual person stitching. The Sashiko Live Stream is not designed to teach you how to Sashiko. However, it sure will be beneficial to see how a Sashiko artist makes stitches. I am happy to answer the questions throughout the comment field.

I believe many people share the same questions.

As we build up many questions and answers, I will make the website to share the information as Q&A website.

We ship what I use to your country


“What kind of needle do you use?”

“How do I get the Sashiko thread?”


These questions related to the supplies are the common question. The tools and supplies I use are specifically designed for Sashiko purpose. Therefore, my stitching is smoother and more accurate. In order to have a great result with comfortable Sashiko experience, getting the appropriate tools and supplies is a necessary process.


For those who live in a country where you cannot get Sashiko supplies, we make an International Shipping.

As long as Japan Post goes, we ship our thread, needle, thimble, fabric, and whatever on the website to your country. Please check out our web store.


Sashiko LIve Streaming


The goal is to share the beauty of Sashiko and its culture


The goal of what I am doing throughout Sashiko Live Stream is to share the beauty of Sashiko stitching and its culture “Appreciation to what we have.” We have workshops to teach you how to do it intensively. I am planning to make an online workshop so you can learn what I do the daily basis.

Meanwhile, I would like to just share how hand-stitching can be beneficial to your life in many possible way.


Let’s enjoy Sashiko.



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Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop in NYC

Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop in NYC

Thanks to many friends of ours, Atsushi is again able to host Sashiko Workshop in NYC. Atsushi established an LLC named Upcycle Stitches. This is the first workshop Upcycle Stitches LLC host the workshop in NYC. Please join this happy opportunity and learn our enjoyable Sashiko. Here is the detail of Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop in NYC.

Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop 3


What does Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop Offer?


In 3 hours of intensive workshop, you will learn how to use Sashiko long needle and a unique shaped Sashiko thimble appropriately. Sashiko is pretty simple to start. After all, it is just a form of hand-stitching. However, learning the appropriate technique how to use the appropriate tools would maximize your Sashiko experience.


Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop 13


It is an informative workshop. At the same time, Atsushi spends a lot of time on actual stitching. You will spend most of the time stitching the most popular, and the traditional Asano-ha pattern to make either Tote-bag, Placemat, or several coasters. The participants will receive all the materials and tools. No need to bring any tools.


Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop 2


Please purchase a ticket to participate in the workshop.


Here is the detail of November Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop in NYC.



Date: November 11th (Sat). 3 pm to 6 pm | November 12th (Sun). 2 pm to 5 pm.

Location: A private space in Tribeca Neighborhood

Fee: $135.00 for 3 hours.


The workshop comes with:

– Sashiko needles

– Sashiko thimble

– Skein of white sashiko thread (approx. 145 meters)

– Sashiko Thread Bobbin Paper

– Indigo fabric with Asano-ha patterns printed on

– Interfacing and Cotton Poplin fabric for tailoring the project at home

– PDF data of extra Japanese Traditional Sashiko Patterns

– Access to Atsushi by e-mail with questions regarding the workshop and follow-up

We do not require previous stitching or embroidery experience to take this class. All tools are provided. You are welcome to bring your own sewing tools, but not necessary. This kit has large enough fabric and material to make a tote bag, placemats, or several coasters after completing the Sashiko stitching.



We keep this journey, to offer Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop in your place.

As of 2017, we can only offer these Sashiko workshops in limited places. Atsushi can offer the Sashiko Workshops in North East Coast of the United States. Keiko can offer customized workshops in Japan. We will keep this journey to introduce what Sashiko is. One day, we hope that we can offer our Sashiko workshop in your place.


Follow up and let’s share Sashiko together.


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Natural Dye Threads | Indigo & Kakishibu

Natural Dye Threads Cover

In the summer of 2017, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya released the two beautiful Natural Dye Threads to the market. Indigo Dyed Sashiko Thread and Kakishibu Dyed Sashiko Thread. These two Natural Dye Sashiko Thread are not only our products to introduce what we believe in Sashiko but also our dream in practicing Sashiko with Japanese vintage fabric.

*The USA residence can purchase the thread in Upcycle Stitches Store.


Natural Dye Threads from Great Nature

We are fortuned to have these six colors from the Nature. Two shades of Indigo Blue and four shades of Kakishibu Gold. In the long history of Sashiko, the natural dye thread and its colors played a big role. The color changes provided by the natural colors contributed the big picture of Boro and other Sashiko pieces. We are happy to follow the traditional path by having the Indigo and Kakishibu Sashiko thread in our collection. And, of course, to share these beautiful thread with you.

Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread 2

Persimmon Kakishibu Dye Sashiko



Keiko does her best to produce the “regularly colored” thread. Although they are hand-dyed with natural dyes, we can barely see the color variegation (besides the one she dyed purposefully for that). Please expect that every thread has the even color throughout the 145 meter long. It is much easier to make the irregularly colored thread. We just wanted to be as professional & artisans as we can.




Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread


*Purchase the Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread

*The article about Indigo Dye by Atsushi

Natural Dye Threads Indigo




Kakishibu (Persimmon Tannin) Sashiko Thread


*Purchase the Kakishibu Dye Sashiko Thread

*The article about Kakishibu Dye by Atsushi

Persimmon Kakishibu Dye Sashiko Thread bobbin thread / Natural Dye Threads

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Shipping Advise | Shipping to Canada

EMS Expedite Shipping | Shipping to Canada

For the international shipping, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya uses a registered airmail package with insurance provided by Japan Post Service. It is a very good service, and we have never had an issue until recently. However, we confirmed that the shipping to Canada may cause a delay or sometimes misdelivery. We received a claim and the package is now under the investigation.


In order to avoid the possible trouble, we strongly recommend upgrading the shipping to EMS by adding this upgrade option to your cart. Since we are asking you to cover the extra shipping fee by advising so, we come up with the coupons for that. If you order more than $70 dollar, we will upgrade your shipping to EMS without extra fees. Please consider either purchasing the EMS upgrade or purchase the order more than $70.


Upcycle Stitches LLC


An Order shipping to Canada may be shipped out from the USA

If our distributor in the USA has the same inventory as you ordered, we may make a shipment from the USA to Canada (without any changes to the shipping fee.)

It seems like there are less possibility of troubles if we make a shipment from the USA to Canada.


Our goal is to make sure that all the customers get 100% satisfaction to their order.

Thank you very much for your time to take a look at this advice.


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Sashiko Tutorials and Articles

It has been one of our dreams to record the articles about Sashiko and tutorials of Sashiko stitching. After Atsushi established a company in the United States, he has been working on recording what we practice on a daily basis in English. The website of Upcycle Stitches is becoming a database of Sashiko Tutorials and Articles.


We do not want to duplicate the articles in the several websites, so please visit “” for the details. We have a variety of online free Sashiko tutorials and articles about Sashiko.

All about Sashiko stitching with Sashiko Tutorials

Sashiko Tutorials are not only for Sashiko stitching itself but also about the whole picture of creating a Sashiko project. In order to make a beautiful Sashiko product, you would need a good preparation on the fabric. Also, the appropriate tools and supplies are necessary to have the better results. Upcycle Stitches explain the topics one by one in each article.


Sashiko Tutorials


We even prepare some “Sashiko Kit” for beginners to try what Sashiko stitching is like.

Our goal is to share the beauty of Sashiko stitching and its upcycle culture. In order to do it, expanding the market of Sashiko artist, Sashiko lover, Sashiko stitches and any craftsperson who likes Sashiko.


Not only Sashiko Tutorials but also anything relating to Sashiko.

In order to introduce Sashiko fully, we would need (and would like) to share stories about Sashiko, including its history, how it was developed, and even about BOROs. Although there isn’t the single absolute written document left, each region had unique culture regarding Sashiko. We can share about the history we know of, and we believe it will contribute to the big picture of Sashiko.

Sashiko Tutorials 2


Please follow Atsushi’s new website, for more information. The Upcycle Stitches update the article much often than this website. For those who live outside of USA and Japan, this website will be the best place to make Sashiko supply Shopping. If you see something on other Website from us, and then not on this page, please contact us directly. We will work on the with the priority.

Thank you very much for your interest, as always.

Enjoy Sashiko.

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For U.S. Residence / Better Sashiko Shopping Experience

Upcycle Stitches LLC

This is a post for the U.S. residence, who has an address in the United States of America, to provide the Better Sashiko Shopping  Experience.

Sashiko Upcycle Stitches Better Sashiko Shopping

We strive for the better service, Better Sashiko Shopping

Atsushi started a business which provides Sashiko workshops and supplies in the U.S. with the name of “Upcycle Stitches“. Atsushi provides the same threads and supplies you can get from this Sashi.Co online store.

Since this Sashi.Co Online store is located in Japan, it has a quite expensive shipping fee. It is for the safety and reassurance that customer can receive the order without issues. In addition to the expensive shipping fee, the customer may have to cover the custom/duty. It also takes about 5 to 10 business days to complete the delivery.


Therefore, if you reside in the U.S. please consider “Upcycle Stitches” as your option to shop online.

As the default, Upcycle Stitches has reasonable domestic shipping fee (about 2.70 USD). The delivery usually complete within a few days. Atsushi is available for negotiation regarding big orders.


Our goal is to introduce Sashiko

Our goal is the same, both Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya and Upcycle Stitches; to introduce Sashiko to the world. In order to achieve our goal, we will improve our service regarding online shopping and etc. Since we are 2 people business (Keiko & Atsushi), it may be as quick as the other big business, but we strive for the better service to meet your satisfaction.



Better Sashiko Shopping / Atsushi & Keiko

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Sashiko Workshop Newsletter for February

Advertising Sashiko Speech and Workshops in NYC/Brooklyn. Thank you for reading our long newsletter. The one with Natural Dye thread will come at the beginning of March.

Sashiko Workshop Newsletter for February 24th ~ 27th

View this email in your browser

Boro / Before and After

Atsushi makes a speech @ FIT

On Monday 2/27, Atsushi will make a public speech about Sashiko and Boro at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. It is open to general public with free of charge.

Please join us to see inside of Atsushi’s brain: what Atsushi is thinking regarding Sashiko; like why he keeps doing Sashiko. There will be a Boro and Sashiko pieces displayed so participants can feel the Atsushi & Keiko’s works.

For more information, please refer the FIT website.

Graduated from the basic workshop?

On Saturday 2/25 (16:00-19:00), Atsushi offers the Hitomezashi Workshop for those who graduated the Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Class hosted by Sashi.Co (or Atsushi).

Unlike the Asano-ha Workshop, this workshop requires a lot of preparation. Therefore, we do not plan to offer this workshop every visit I make. Please take this opportunity to make your goal one step closer. We have heard that many people want to make Hitomezashi & Vintage Fabric Sashiko work.


Register your seat now
*Available only for those who have taken Sashiko Stitching class.
*We will not use the vintage fabric on this workshop. I will share how to do the basic Hitomezashi so you can use your vintage fabric.

More Workshops for this weekend.

On Friday 2/24 to Monday 2/27, Atsushi offers serious of Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Workshops.

The workshop teaches you how to use a Sashiko needle and a Sashiko thimble in the traditional method. This is the fundamental step to take further workshops. It will open up your Sashiko world.

We have been receiving good reviews from participants. They are happy that workshop indicated what Sashiko really is. You will be surprised how we use a needle and a thimble. If you are interested in Sashiko stitching, this is the essential workshop to take!
Register your seat now

Mending your garments in Pioneer Works

In a serious of the workshops, Atsushi hosts workshops in Pioneer Works. (including Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop)

A unique one is “mending” workshop which I will share my experience to mend the jeans and other garments. Sashiko will not be the main theme here, but general information and technique regarding Sashiko will be shared.

Upcycle and Re-pourpose your favorite garment.

Enjoy Sashiko at Pioneer Works with Atsushi.


Thank you for reading Sashiko Workshop Newsletter.
If you wish to receive our newsletters in future, please subscribe it here.

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A small Sashiko mending project in one warm day.

Surprisingly nice warm day in February of Pensylvania. I decided to do a small Sashiko mending project in a warm sunlight. What do you do when you find a hole in your jeans? I repair it with Sashiko stitching. Sashiko Mending Project, here it goes!


I am hosting Sashiko Mending Workshop at Pioneer Works on Feb 26th. I will cover the whole process of this project and more.

If you are near NYC, Get you registered and come to see me!



Afternoon Sashiko Mending Process with pictures



Match the Sashiko fabric to jeans. Ah… it is so bright and warm outside.

The Sashiko fabric on the photo is the leftover (the edge after trimming) from different Sashiko project by “Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya” Preparing and making the Sashiko fabric is the most enjoyable part of Sashiko… and picking the best matching fabric is the most exciting time. I choose this Japanese vintage fabric, layered with red vintage one.


Sashiko Mending 2


The fabric has 2 layers. It looked a bit frayed on the edge. I used a sewing machine to trim the edge for easier repair. Prepare the needle and thread.

Sashiko Mending 2

Use any thread to do Basting. No need to do it if the project is simple. I still need to do basting to get the better result… more practice.

Sashiko Mending 4


I used blind stitching technique here to attach the fabric to the jeans.

Yes, I am patching the fabric from the back so the jeans will have the main fabric from the hole. I also used the Natural Indigo Dyed Sashiko thread here. The better Sashiko thread I use, the better result I get. Don’t forget to use our Sashiko thread for the best purpose.


Sashiko Mending 3


Sashiko Mended / Repaired Jeans is cool, I believe.

Done! I am pretty satisfied the result. It will get better by using this jeans since the damage will make it more natural.

Mending Sashiko Jeans


Mending Process 5


It took about 1 ~ 2 hours to complete the mending and repairing process, including the matching the fabric time and excluding the Sashiko fabric preparation.


Upcycle it to get another value.

Sashiko is a process of repairing / reinforcing the fabric to repurpose. Upcycing the fabric is our daily mission. I hope this small project will share some insight of the beauty of Sashiko and mending.




Come to see me at Sashiko Mending Workshop @ Pioneer Works on Feb 26th.


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Before the FIT speech on 2/27 ~ about Atsushi and Sashiko

A week to go to the FIT speech. Exciting and nervous.

This is a blog entry to introduce who Atsushi is, and what Sashiko ism before the speech at Fashion Institute of Technology, on February 27th.


About Atsushi and Sashiko.

Hello, my name is Atsushi Futatsuya.

I was born in Japan, as the third generation of a surviving sashiko family in Gifu prefecture. Sashiko was around me since my childhood. A needle and threads were part of my daily life, and the Sashiko artisans with doing Sashiko on the fabric was my ordinary scenery.



After my father passed away, my mother and I established the project called, “Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya (Design with Sashiko)” to introduce what Sashiko is, to the world. Our goal is to upcycle and repurpose the

Our goal is to upcycle and re-purpose the fabric, and share the technique and culture of Sashiko by creating Sashiko arts.


What is Sashiko?

Sashiko is a process of stitching for mending, enforcing, and decorating the fabric. We use unique thimbles and needles to make stitches all over the fabric with various kinds of patterns and designs.



Sashiko was developed in a small snowy village, where the Japanese people experienced difficulty to get enough fabric to make extra garments. One farmer kept wearing the same jackets for his entire life, and even passed it downed to the son. They repeated mending and repairing the fabric. And they cared the detail to make it beautiful in such a severe situation.


In Sashi.Co, we collect Japanese vintage fabric and perform Sashiko on it to make the Jackets or Bags to introduce Sashiko.




FIT Speech / Power of Repurposing

Let me stop here so I will not share all the FIT Speech materials on this blog.

The theme of presentation will be “Power of Repourposing”: the impression I have after living with Sashiko for a long time.


If you are interested in these keywords below, I believe I can share the unique view from unique hand-craft industry.

  • Japanese Vintage Fabric / Boro
  • Japanese Hand-made Art
  • Japanese “Outside” Art
  • Sashiko and Stitching (Embroidery)
  • Fashion with One-of-a-kind


Our core concepts are “Up-cycle” and “Repurpose” the fabric, with appreciating to the fabric.

We hope to see you soon.


Faces & Places in Fashion (FIT)さんの投稿 2017年2月15日(水)