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How to draw AsanoHa Pattern

  • Draw horizontal lines. Keep the same interval between each line. The interval is 5 cm for Download materials.



  • Set a center dot and line. Then, mark a dot evenly with 5 cm interval on the center line. After marking dots on the center line, move to other horizontal lines to make dots. On other lines, mark dots 2.5cm shifted from the previous dot and line.



  • Draw lines with connecting each dots you created in the previous step.


  • Draw lines with length of 3.5 cm from all the dots you marked in the previous step (from the yellow dots)


  • Connecting the end of 3.5 cm lines and the dots. Drawing small rhombus shape in big rhombus shapes.




  • DONE! Enjoy your Sashiko.
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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jackets for sale? Are they made in order?  Also what are the price range of Jacket?


Customers can purchase any jackets on this website. They are all “one-of-a-kind” jackets, so once it is sold, we will not be able to make the same one ever again.

We try to make jackets by customer’s order based on their preferences. Since we use “KOFU (Old Japanese Fabric)” to make the Jacket to achieve our concept, we will need to ask customers to wait for plenty of time for us to produce. We will find the right fabric for customer’s need.

The price of Jacket are shown on the product page. An estimated price for made-to-order Jacket will be determined by several factors such as kind of fabric, pattern of Sashiko stitches, and amount of Kofu we use.

*We value Japanese old fabric. Our concept is to produce “one of a kind” jacket by reviving the old torn fabric. It will be very difficult to produce something identical from previous (sold-out) jackets. It is also challanging to meet our jackets to customer’s need. We will do our best to understand customer’s preference, and try to find the best match fabric. Please contact us for further consultation.

Are they “one size fits all” or tailored by order?



The model (my mother’s) size is ;

【HEIGHT】: About 169 cm

【BUST 】: About 90 cm


The fee to adjust the jacket to your size is included to the listed price. However, it will be very difficult to make the jacket bigger. Please read the “sizing information” for more explanation.

About the size of jackets

Are they ONLY available for local Japanese buyers?


No. They are available for every personal all over the world.

Should I be contacting KEIKO for this information?


Please contact Atsushi for questions or consultation in English. Keiko doesn’t read / write English. Atsushi will translate every communication between customers and Keiko so customers can get complete satisfaction



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