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Sashiko Thread

Mono Color Sashiko Thread


Thanks to big interest in our works, our collection of Natural Herb Dye thread is almost sold out!

We are working on producing more Natural Herb Dye thread. Meanwhile, don’t miss our good variation of Sashiko thread chemically dyed. They are specifically designed for Sashiko purpose, and we believe they are the best in Sashiko with reasonable price.






We use our Sashiko threads in every pieces we produce. Both Mono-Color and Variegated Color thread will meet your satisfaction! Please try our Sashiko thread and enrich your Sashiko experience!


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New Vegetable/Herb Dye Thread

Fall 2015 Collection, Herb Dye Sashiko Thread are available in 8 colors with limited numbers in stock.

They are all made in Japan, by Keiko’s hand, using Egyptian Cotton 100% Sashiko Thread.


It took almost half year to dye thread to blue color (#009 – Logwood.)

Other colors such as Sakura Pink Color (4 different colors with Western Madder) and beautiful purple and deep purple beige color from Lac Dye is also popular color in our website.


Check our product page out !