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Boro / NORAGI makes its debut in NYC

  We are happy to announce that our precious Noragi with Boro will make its debut in NYC, when Atsushi host Sashiko workshop in New York Textile Month.     Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya uses many kinds of old fabrics (so called Kofu.) All of our “one-of-a-kind” jackets are made from Kofu (sometimes we use […]

Sashiko Workshop in NYC

Atsushi finally host a Sashiko workshop in New York City ! Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya support Atsushi 100% and Atsushi will teach & share how we do Sashiko. No Sashiko experience is required. Everything you need to enjoy Sashiko is included in the workshop. Just bring yourself to NYC in NEW YORK TEXTILE MONTH (September). […]


Sashi.Co is ongoing. Atsushi just came back.

It has been more than a half year since I had posted the article on this website. Regardless of my vacancy, I am happy that some customers find this webpage and made order. Thank you so much.   Sashi.Co & Keiko have been working on its project while I (Atsushi) was absent online. I didn’t know how […]

Mono Color Sashiko Thread

Sashiko Thread

  Thanks to big interest in our works, our collection of Natural Herb Dye thread is almost sold out! We are working on producing more Natural Herb Dye thread. Meanwhile, don’t miss our good variation of Sashiko thread chemically dyed. They are specifically designed for Sashiko purpose, and we believe they are the best in Sashiko […]


Almost Sold Out.

  Sashiko threads dyed with Natural Herbs and Vegetables are almost sold out. Thank you very much for your interests.   We still have few skeins for: 003 – Tangara 010 – Lac Dye 015 – Western Madder     The shelves for other colors are empty. We will work on creating new colors as […]


Sashiko Pattern _ Seikai-Ha

Another Sashiko Patterns from Japanese tradition. Symmetric Seikai-Ha patten is also very famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design. This pattern represent the blue ocean wave (“青海波” literary means Blue Ocean Wave). Sashiko is known as a wisdom among women who lived in mountainous region where they lost their agricultural jobs during severe winter time. At the […]

Sashiko Pattern _ Asa-no-Ha

Sashiko has so many traditional pattens. Symmetric Asa-no-Ha patten is probably the most famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design. In Sashiko history, the Japanese people practiced sashiko with Indigo Dye blue fabric and original white (or dyed with vegetable) thread. Indigo had purpose of insect repellent. In addition to this practical purpose, they believed […]

We released our First Sashiko Newsletter

After long silence, we finally released the first Sashiko newsletter. This time, I just share our very first tutorials. In newsletters, I will inform “Sale Information”, “New product update”, and much more informative things from Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.   It is absolutely free to subscribe it. Please join our Sashi.Co Mailing List and get our latest […]