Sashiko Apron #4


【No.4 / #1726】

Height (丈) : 76 cm

Upper Width(上) : 60 cm

Lower Width (下) : 81 cm

Length of strap : 104 cm

Backside Fabric : light purple fabric (KOFU) / Cotton 100%

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In the standard technique of Sashiko, we use Indigo fabric and white thread.

Both of us, Keiko and Atsushi, respect this tradition. We have some art products, such as Jacket #004, to pursue the theme of “Indigo fabric and white thread.”

On top of that, Keiko wondered

“Well, it isn’t bad to make something loud (outside of box) with Sashiko, right?”

The Sashiko Aprons are her answer. She established her own brand. She can experiment on what she had intuition on. This is our challenge to surprise the Sashiko world.





【NUMBER】:SashiCo Apron (Maekake) Collection #001A

【NAME】:Keiko’s Sashiko Apron

【Variation】: No.1 to No.5


Front – Kofu with Kasuri patterns(Cotton 100%)

Back – Kofu(Cotton 100%)


Here is a picture indicate the size.

  • the width of strap = 4cm
  • ひもの長さ = the length of strap
  • 丈 = Height
  • 上 = Upper Width
  • 下 = Lower Width





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