Sashiko Fukubukuro | Prepared by Keiko 2019


Sashiko Fukubukuro to begin the year of 2019 with sharing the passion in Sashiko.

A: Fukubukuro Regular

Thread (including natural dye) picked by Keiko. The skein will be smaller than the regular Sashiko thread we sell so you can enjoy more colors at the same price.

B: Fukubukuro Plus

Fukubukuro “Plus” some fabrics we use regularly for Sashiko (made in Japan).

C: Fukubukuro Supreme

Everything above and what Keiko want you to enjoy. (Follow-up email from Atsushi in English will be available.)

Fukubukuro is the term for “Lucky Bag” in Japanese. Please agree that the contents are picked and selected at random by Keiko Futatsuya. We will do our best to meet (&exceed) your expectations in terms of the amount and value. Before the purchase, please read the Terms and Conditions below.

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