Sashiko Fukubukuro | Prepared by Keiko 2020


Happy New Year!!

We hope to continue inspiring the world with our Sashiko.


A: Fukubukuro Regular

Thread (including natural dye) picked by Keiko & a package of needles and thimble.


B: Fukubukuro Plus

Fukubukuro (A) above, “Plus” some fabrics we use regularly for Sashiko (made in Japan) & a bit more.


C: Fukubukuro Supreme

Everything above (A) and (B). Then, Keiko will include what she want you to enjoy. (Follow-up email from Atsushi in English will be available.)


Fukubukuro is a term for “Lucky Bag” in Japanese. Please agree that the contents are picked and selected at random by Keiko Futatsuya. We will do our best to meet (&exceed) your expectations in terms of the amount and value. Before the purchase, please read the Terms and Conditions below.

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The Japanese have a unique way to celebrate the first business in the new year, so-called “Fukubukuro (=福袋)”. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya introduced the first Fukubukuro in 2018 (2 years ago), and it was very much fun o share Keiko’s passion and customer’s happiness. With Atsushi’s help, we offer similar Fukubukuro worldwide again in 2020. Please check the detail & terms below. We want you to try our beautiful & most comfortable Sashiko thread.

If you would like to upgrade your shipping to Express/Priority to receive faster & smoother, please choose the EMS Option by purchasing the upgrade.


*Every Fukubukuro contains a set of Sashiko Needles and Thimble so you can start the Sashiko we practice on the day you receive the Fukubukuro.


Fukubukuro Regular:

A bag filled with Sashiko Threads.

We have many colors of Sashiko thread including Natural Dyes. Keiko will pick about 3~5 skeins of Sashiko thread for this package. More than 2 of the Natural Dye Sashiko thread is promised. The needle & the thimble will be also included.


Fukubukuro Plus:

Regular Fukubukuro “plus” some fabrics we regularly use (made in Japan). Keiko will also include supplies to transfer the patterns on the fabric.

*We will include the fabric we regularly use in our daily Sashiko such as “Indigo Dye Sashiko Fabric” and “Made in Japan Denim Fabric”. Please understand that you will not choose which fabric you would receive, although we try to take your preference into the preparation.

Fukubukuro Supreme

Everything from Fukubukuro Regular & Plus,  and then what Keiko wants you to enjoy.

(A Follow-up email from Atsushi in English will be available.)


Terms and Conditions

  • The regular flat rate shipping fee will be applied based on the destination. If you would like to purchase other items, we may be able to add other threads or Sashiko items without applying the extra shipping fee (maximum weight total: 2,000 gram). If you prefer to expedite the package, please follow the direction mentioned above.
  • Because of its characteristics, we will not accept returns and/or exchange.
  • The Bags will be sold between January 4th to January 25th in 2020. The sales continue while the supply lasts, and it may be ended before the final date.
  • The shipping will be made accordingly to the order at the end of January. We try our best to start shipping as soon as possible. However, unlike the other regular order which usually is shipped in 1~2 business day, this order may take longer than that, like a week to 2 weeks. All of the orders will be shipped out from Japan before the 15th of February.
  • Keiko in Sashi.Co will prepare all the Fukubukuros. Please make sure to leave the comment with preference when you check out. Or, after the purchase, you may contact us for the additional preference.
  • If your shipping address is within the USA, Upcycle Stitches LLC offers a similar deal, Fukubukuro. The contents may be a bit better for those who live in the USA (because of the international shipping fee). However, Keiko has some threads (colors) that Upcycle Stitches LLC does not have. Please choose as you wish – or you are welcome to purchase both and ask for the thread colors that Upcycle Stitches doesn’t carry in the USA.

Additional information

Size of Fukubukuro

Fukubukuro Regular 2020, Fukubukuro Plus 2020, Fukubukuro Supreme 2020


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