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About our Physical Sashiko Store

Physical Sashiko Store

Thank you for finding our Sashiko Website. This is a blog post about our Physical Sashiko Store.

We have been receiving many questions regarding a visit to our Sashiko store. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is located in Takayama, Gifu, Japan, however, we still do not have a physical storefront where a visitor can look at our Sashiko items. You may be able to visit Keiko for the workshop or the shopping by appointment. Please contact us for the detail after reading some agreement below.


There is a Sashiko store called “Hida Sashiko” in Takayama.

We are no longer related to the store. My father (Keiko’s husband) used to be the president of the store (&company). However, after his decease, my mother and I took a different path. Please do not ask about us in the Hida Sashiko store because they are not related. 


Agreement for making an appointment

Please contact Atsushi for more detail after reading the agreements below.


  • The reply to your inquiry will be returned by “” or “” Please make a reply to the Atsushi’s reply. There are so many cases that we do not hear back. We have to avoid that to continue our service in English.
  • For the workshop appointment, we will send you an estimate of the fee for the workshop. There, we will ask for the small deposit for the workshop.
  • For the shopping/browsing appointment, we will charge you around 3,00 JPY to 5,000 JPY deposit fee for avoiding “No Show-Up.” The 5,000 JPY can be used for the items you would purchase from us. Please tell me what you would like to shop for when you visit the Keiko’s house. I am happy to share photos and more information when you do not know what you would like to purchase in your visit.


It is our goal to have a Sashiko studio & Physical Sashiko Store.

However, as of now, Sashi.Co is a Sashiko project in which 2 individuals (a grandmother and a father) are operating with many helps from our friends and supporters. Your understanding supports, and care would be very much appreciated.



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About Product Price and Shipment

Thank you for visiting our Sashiko Web shop.

All of the products on this website will be shipped from Japan, with Japanese Postel Service (via Air, not via Ship). No matter how small the order is, the flat rate shipping fee of $18.00 will be applied to your order.


We have several distributors in the world, one in Australia and 2 (including Atsushi) in the U.S. These distributors covers all the shipping, insurance, tax and other things, so the price you may see on their website or on their counter at the textile show may be more expensive than the price on this website.

Please be advised that the price on this website is for the products shipped from Japan. The customer will be responsible for the shipping fee, and if necessary, custom and duty.


Atsushi is also planning to open an “Amazon Prime qualified account” on Amazon USA so people can enjoy the hassle free shipping experience. (There is an account already, but not prime qualified yet.)


We will try our best to arrange the most comfortable shopping environment for customers. Please be patient, and give me feedback so I can work on improving the issues first.




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Contact from us


Thank you for your interest in Sashiko. Please let me mention about a Contact from Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.


We will contact you when;

  1. you subscribe our newsletter, and a few times per month (or a few times in a year…), we will send you the newsletter with recent updates.
  2. you make an order on our website, and Atsushi realizes that he needs to add more information or ask more detail regarding your order.

Either cases, the e-mail or newsletter will be sent from either e-mail address below.

  • sashikoatsushi @
  • info @

I am working on shifting e-mails to the business account, but there is possibility that you may receive the e-mails from the gmail account. If you set up your mailbox to reject e-mails from the gmail (or free mailing account) please allow my gmail account.


Thank you for your attention.

I hope to see you, to talk to you, or to e-mail you soon.

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About Shipping Fee


We will ship the most of our products from Japan.

In order to avoid confusion, we have a flat rate shipping of 18 USD. We also upgrade to expedite shipping upon a customer’s request with $5 extra fee.

The shipping method is Air Shipping with Japanese Postel Service. For peace in our mind, we will have a tracking number and package insurance. Please expect about 5 to 15 days to receive a package depending on your location.  (To Australia or Northern America, it usually take about a week to get there.)


When you make an order more than $300 purchase, you will get free shipping.


It became unusual to ask customers to cover the shipping fee, but it is very important for us to maintain what we do and what we are proud of. Thank you for your understanding.



*The flat rate shipping price is the matter of changes between $15 to $20 depending on JPY – USD exchange rate. 

*When Sashi.Co USA location has stocks and the customer orders it to US destination, the USA domestic shipping fee will be applied.

*If your order is just a skein of thread or a pack of needles and thimble, a few dollar adjustment may be possible. Please contact us BEFORE placing the order.

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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jackets for sale? Are they made in order?  Also what are the price range of Jacket?


Customers can purchase any jackets on this website. They are all “one-of-a-kind” jackets, so once it is sold, we will not be able to make the same one ever again.

We try to make jackets by customer’s order based on their preferences. Since we use “KOFU (Old Japanese Fabric)” to make the Jacket to achieve our concept, we will need to ask customers to wait for plenty of time for us to produce. We will find the right fabric for customer’s need.

The price of Jacket are shown on the product page. An estimated price for made-to-order Jacket will be determined by several factors such as kind of fabric, pattern of Sashiko stitches, and amount of Kofu we use.

*We value Japanese old fabric. Our concept is to produce “one of a kind” jacket by reviving the old torn fabric. It will be very difficult to produce something identical from previous (sold-out) jackets. It is also challanging to meet our jackets to customer’s need. We will do our best to understand customer’s preference, and try to find the best match fabric. Please contact us for further consultation.

Are they “one size fits all” or tailored by order?



The model (my mother’s) size is ;

【HEIGHT】: About 169 cm

【BUST 】: About 90 cm


The fee to adjust the jacket to your size is included to the listed price. However, it will be very difficult to make the jacket bigger. Please read the “sizing information” for more explanation.

About the size of jackets

Are they ONLY available for local Japanese buyers?


No. They are available for every personal all over the world.

Should I be contacting KEIKO for this information?


Please contact Atsushi for questions or consultation in English. Keiko doesn’t read / write English. Atsushi will translate every communication between customers and Keiko so customers can get complete satisfaction



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