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Sashiko Workshop Newsletter for February

Advertising Sashiko Speech and Workshops in NYC/Brooklyn. Thank you for reading our long newsletter. The one with Natural Dye thread will come at the beginning of March.

Sashiko Workshop Newsletter for February 24th ~ 27th

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Boro / Before and After

Atsushi makes a speech @ FIT

On Monday 2/27, Atsushi will make a public speech about Sashiko and Boro at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. It is open to general public with free of charge.

Please join us to see inside of Atsushi’s brain: what Atsushi is thinking regarding Sashiko; like why he keeps doing Sashiko. There will be a Boro and Sashiko pieces displayed so participants can feel the Atsushi & Keiko’s works.

For more information, please refer the FIT website.

Graduated from the basic workshop?

On Saturday 2/25 (16:00-19:00), Atsushi offers the Hitomezashi Workshop for those who graduated the Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Class hosted by Sashi.Co (or Atsushi).

Unlike the Asano-ha Workshop, this workshop requires a lot of preparation. Therefore, we do not plan to offer this workshop every visit I make. Please take this opportunity to make your goal one step closer. We have heard that many people want to make Hitomezashi & Vintage Fabric Sashiko work.


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*Available only for those who have taken Sashiko Stitching class.
*We will not use the vintage fabric on this workshop. I will share how to do the basic Hitomezashi so you can use your vintage fabric.

More Workshops for this weekend.

On Friday 2/24 to Monday 2/27, Atsushi offers serious of Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Workshops.

The workshop teaches you how to use a Sashiko needle and a Sashiko thimble in the traditional method. This is the fundamental step to take further workshops. It will open up your Sashiko world.

We have been receiving good reviews from participants. They are happy that workshop indicated what Sashiko really is. You will be surprised how we use a needle and a thimble. If you are interested in Sashiko stitching, this is the essential workshop to take!
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Mending your garments in Pioneer Works

In a serious of the workshops, Atsushi hosts workshops in Pioneer Works. (including Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop)

A unique one is “mending” workshop which I will share my experience to mend the jeans and other garments. Sashiko will not be the main theme here, but general information and technique regarding Sashiko will be shared.

Upcycle and Re-pourpose your favorite garment.

Enjoy Sashiko at Pioneer Works with Atsushi.


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