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Sashiko Pattern _ Seikai-Ha

Another Sashiko Patterns from Japanese tradition. Symmetric Seikai-Ha patten is also very famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design. This pattern represent the blue ocean wave (“青海波” literary means Blue Ocean Wave). Sashiko is known as a wisdom among women who lived in mountainous region where they lost their agricultural jobs during severe winter time. At the […]

Sashiko Pattern _ Asa-no-Ha

Sashiko has so many traditional pattens. Symmetric Asa-no-Ha patten is probably the most famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design. In Sashiko history, the Japanese people practiced sashiko with Indigo Dye blue fabric and original white (or dyed with vegetable) thread. Indigo had purpose of insect repellent. In addition to this practical purpose, they believed […]