Physical Sashiko Store

About our Physical Sashiko Store

Thank you for finding our Sashiko Website. This is a blog post about our Physical Sashiko Store.

We have been receiving many questions regarding a visit to our Sashiko store. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is located in Takayama, Gifu, Japan, however, we still do not have a physical storefront where a visitor can look at our Sashiko items. You may be able to visit Keiko for the workshop or the shopping by appointment. Please contact us for the detail after reading some agreement below.


There is a Sashiko store called “Hida Sashiko” in Takayama.

We are no longer related to the store. My father (Keiko’s husband) used to be the president of the store (&company). However, after his decease, my mother and I took a different path. Please do not ask about us in the Hida Sashiko store because they are not related. 


Agreement for making an appointment

Please contact Atsushi for more detail after reading the agreements below.


  • The reply to your inquiry will be returned by “” or “” Please make a reply to the Atsushi’s reply. There are so many cases that we do not hear back. We have to avoid that to continue our service in English.
  • For the workshop appointment, we will send you an estimate of the fee for the workshop. There, we will ask for the small deposit for the workshop.
  • For the shopping/browsing appointment, we will charge you around 3,00 JPY to 5,000 JPY deposit fee for avoiding “No Show-Up.” The 5,000 JPY can be used for the items you would purchase from us. Please tell me what you would like to shop for when you visit the Keiko’s house. I am happy to share photos and more information when you do not know what you would like to purchase in your visit.


It is our goal to have a Sashiko studio & Physical Sashiko Store.

However, as of now, Sashi.Co is a Sashiko project in which 2 individuals (a grandmother and a father) are operating with many helps from our friends and supporters. Your understanding supports, and care would be very much appreciated.