Contact from us


Thank you for your interest in Sashiko. Please let me mention about a Contact from Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.


We will contact you when;

  1. you subscribe our newsletter, and a few times per month (or a few times in a year…), we will send you the newsletter with recent updates.
  2. you make an order on our website, and Atsushi realizes that he needs to add more information or ask more detail regarding your order.

Either cases, the e-mail or newsletter will be sent from either e-mail address below.

  • sashikoatsushi @
  • info @

I am working on shifting e-mails to the business account, but there is possibility that you may receive the e-mails from the gmail account. If you set up your mailbox to reject e-mails from the gmail (or free mailing account) please allow my gmail account.


Thank you for your attention.

I hope to see you, to talk to you, or to e-mail you soon.