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How to Sashiko Video is uploaded

  Our first Video Tutorial, “How to Sashiko by Sashi.Co – Intro Part.1” is finally uploaded. This was my first time to take a video for youtube… so enjoy the video with me being so awkward, too.     Most of the stuff I used in the video are available on this online shop. In […]

As main Shopping website for Sashiko

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya launched its project at the beginning of 2015. Keiko produces Sashiko pieces & supply and Atsushi Futatsuya introduce Keiko’s project to the world. Sashi.Co is a small project, but powerful one to meet all Sashiko fans satisfaction.   As a main shopping website for Sashiko We have another store. However, the service […]


Who we are & What we do

Who we are Keiko Futatsuya enjoys creating Sashiko works. Keiko and Atsushi Futatsuya named her pieces “Sashi.Co” to be well-known Sashiko brand someday. We have our concept written in our main webpage.   Keiko Futatsuya Keiko has been working in Sashiko industry more than 30 years. In Sashiko, unique knowledge such as designing the stitching […]


How to draw AsanoHa Pattern

Draw horizontal lines. Keep the same interval between each line. The interval is 5 cm for Download materials.   Set a center dot and line. Then, mark a dot evenly with 5 cm interval on the center line. After marking dots on the center line, move to other horizontal lines to make dots. On other […]


FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Are Jackets for sale? Are they made in order?  Also what are the price range of Jacket? (Answer) Customers can purchase any jackets on this website. They are all “one-of-a-kind” jackets, so once it is sold, we will not be able to make the same one ever again. We try to make jackets […]