Who we are & What we do

Who we are

Keiko Futatsuya enjoys creating Sashiko works. Keiko and Atsushi Futatsuya named her pieces “Sashi.Co” to be well-known Sashiko brand someday.

We have our concept written in our main webpage.


Keiko Futatsuya


Keiko has been working in Sashiko industry more than 30 years. In Sashiko, unique knowledge such as designing the stitching patterns is required. She is a fantastic Sashiko designer, producer, and artist.


Atsushi Futatsuya


Atsushi was born in Hida Sashiko family as the 3rd generation of the company. He has been with Sashiko all his life, and now he supports his mother’s work, Sashi.Co.

After the forced-exit from previous company, he enjoys happy life in USA with his family. He is in charge of all sort of communication in English and Japanese over Internet.


and many more Sashiko People

Although Keiko is the Sashiko producer in Sashi.Co, she is not the only one who does Sashiko. There are many more affiliates who help us to create beautiful Sashiko pieces. Some help us in stitching Sashiko patterns, some help us in sewing bags and jackets.

They are Sashi.Co’s asset. We hope to introduce them someday.


What we do

We create Sashiko products in order to achieve our concept. Introducing Sashiko’s idea to the world is our goal.

Sashiko Collection

With respecting Keiko’s philosophy to Sashiko, we have a collection of Sashiko arts. Most of the products are available for sale. Once products are ready, they will be shown on this Sashi.Co Shopping page.


Sashiko Workshop

Keiko starts her workshop in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The workshop is currently held in Japanese only. In future, Atsushi will start his Sashiko workshop somewhere in the world, in English.

Also, web – workshop is on progress.
Let us know if you are interested in any of these. It will expedite Atsushi’s work (It will make him to do it instead of procrastinating it.)


Sashiko Supply and Information Distribution

There are many types of Sashiko in Japan. Our Sashiko technique is authentic, but not in the categories of Japanese three well-known Sashiko tradition (Kogin / Hishizashi / Shonai).

We are proud of what we can do with our style of Sashiko.

One day, we would like to have a database of our Sashiko, including videos and articles.