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Sashi.Co is ongoing. Atsushi just came back.

It has been more than a half year since I had posted the article on this website. Regardless of my vacancy, I am happy that some customers find this webpage and made order. Thank you so much.


Sashi.Co & Keiko have been working on its project while I (Atsushi) was absent online. I didn’t know how challenging it is to be a parent, and I couldn’t make enough time to face to PC to write any articles.





Our daughter became 15 mo old, and now finally allow me to work on my stuff after she goes to sleep. So, Atsushi is coming back.


We have some updates.

Each update has good amount of information, so I will update them one by one, little by little.


Again, I sincerely appreciate to your interests in our Sashi.Co project.


Best Regards,


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Sashiko Thread

Mono Color Sashiko Thread


Thanks to big interest in our works, our collection of Natural Herb Dye thread is almost sold out!

We are working on producing more Natural Herb Dye thread. Meanwhile, don’t miss our good variation of Sashiko thread chemically dyed. They are specifically designed for Sashiko purpose, and we believe they are the best in Sashiko with reasonable price.






We use our Sashiko threads in every pieces we produce. Both Mono-Color and Variegated Color thread will meet your satisfaction! Please try our Sashiko thread and enrich your Sashiko experience!


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Almost Sold Out.


Sashiko threads dyed with Natural Herbs and Vegetables are almost sold out. Thank you very much for your interests.


We still have few skeins for:

003 – Tangara
010 – Lac Dye
015 – Western Madder




The shelves for other colors are empty. We will work on creating new colors as soon as possible. Please subscribe our newsletter so you will get the release information even before this website.


Since Keiko’s skill of dyeing thread has been improved by a lot, she may be able to produce the very similar colored thread. When we successfully dye thread to the (almost) identical color, we will supply to our inventory so you can get the thread you missed (or purchased but want more!)


We also continue introducing the new colors.

Again, we appreciate to your interest in Sashiko thread dyed by natural herb and vegetable.

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Sashiko Pattern _ Seikai-Ha

Another Sashiko Patterns from Japanese tradition.

Symmetric Seikai-Ha patten is also very famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design.

This pattern represent the blue ocean wave (“青海波” literary means Blue Ocean Wave). Sashiko is known as a wisdom among women who lived in mountainous region where they lost their agricultural jobs during severe winter time. At the same time, we can find the Sashiko culture nearby ocean for creating think strong fabric for fishermen.


Either way, the Japanese in 19 century practiced Sashiko imagining Japanese beautiful ocean.






Get the pattern Image

*The image size is 148mm x 210mm. It is free of charge, but copyright belongs to Sashiko. No commercial usage unless you have permission from us. You can order the original Sashiko pattern starting from as low as 10.00 USD.


View the Tutorial how to Sashiko Seikai_Ha Pattern

(I will do my best to film. Please subscribe our newsletter so you can get the latest information.)

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Sashiko Pattern _ Asa-no-Ha

Sashiko has so many traditional pattens.

Symmetric Asa-no-Ha patten is probably the most famous and popular pattern in Sashiko design. In Sashiko history, the Japanese people practiced sashiko with Indigo Dye blue fabric and original white (or dyed with vegetable) thread. Indigo had purpose of insect repellent. In addition to this practical purpose, they believed the Asa-no-Ha pattern will repel evil sprit.





Get the pattern Image (Coming Soon)

*The image size is 148mm x 210mm. It is free of charge, but copyright belongs to Sashiko. No commercial usage unless you have permission from us. You can order the Sashiko pattern starting from as low as 10.00 USD.


View the Tutorial how to Sashiko Asa-no-Ha Pattern (I will do my best to film. Please subscribe our newsletter so you can get the latest information.)

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We released our First Sashiko Newsletter

After long silence, we finally released the first Sashiko newsletter.

This time, I just share our very first tutorials. In newsletters, I will inform “Sale Information”, “New product update”, and much more informative things from Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.


It is absolutely free to subscribe it.

Please join our Sashi.Co Mailing List and get our latest information!!


Atsushi Futatsuya

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Sashiko Newsletter / Preview

Thank you for Subscribing.

Dear Subscribers.

My name is Atsushi Futatsuya. I am helping my mother’s project, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, by translating Japanese to English.

This is our first newsletter.
When we have sale or new product release, this will be the first information you will get after my blog update. Also, I will share Sashiko knowledge such as tutorials, Sashiko history, stories behind it, techniques and even patterns.

I really appreciate your interest in Sashiko and Sashi.Co.
Have a nice Sashiko day!

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How to Sashiko Video is uploaded


Our first Video Tutorial, “How to Sashiko by Sashi.Co – Intro Part.1” is finally uploaded.

This was my first time to take a video for youtube… so enjoy the video with me being so awkward, too.



Most of the stuff I used in the video are available on this online shop.

In future, we will be able to provide the fabric, a good Indigo Dye fabric. The indigo color and white thread is one of the original combination in Sashiko.


Leave me comments if you have any questions about the video!

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How to Sashiko – Announcement

*Atsushi Futatsuya will be in charge of Sashiko Tutorials in English.


After almost 2 years of keeping a distance from Sashiko , I decided to start enjoying Sashiko again. My mother, Keiko Futatsuya, established her own brand, Sashi.Co. She also started providing the Sashiko lecture and workshop in Japan.

With collaborating her knowledge and skill, I will make brief sashiko tutorial online for free. You can find some Sashiko tutorials from Internet and/or books, you can find the “Sashi.Co technique” from this website. (I was calling my technique as Hida technique before.)


Sashiko Tutorial

This is still an announcement. I am preparing the video, so you can actually see the Sashiko stitching.


Preparation to start

  • Sashiko Thread (We recommend to use Sashiko thread instead of regular embroidery thread)
  • Sashiko Needle (Sashiko needle need to be long enough to have several stitches at once)
  • Sashiko Thimble (It has to be palm thimble)


Here are screenshots from video I am working on to edit.

I will introduce how to use a palm thimble.


I will demonstrate how to stitch Sashiko with palm thimble.


By learning our Sashiko technique, speed and accuracy of Sashiko will improve!


Video on Youtube will be coming soon!!

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As main Shopping website for Sashiko

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya launched its project at the beginning of 2015.

Keiko produces Sashiko pieces & supply and Atsushi Futatsuya introduce Keiko’s project to the world. Sashi.Co is a small project, but powerful one to meet all Sashiko fans satisfaction.


As a main shopping website for Sashiko

We have another store.

However, the service provider has restricted security level in the website, and some customers experience the difficult check-out with their credit card… It is not good.


I will use this website as our main shopping site for customers all over the world.


Here is categories you can shop around.


Sashiko Thread

Sashiko Needle and Thimble

Sashiko Jacket

Sashiko Bag