Boro / NORAGI makes its debut in NYC


We are happy to announce that our precious Noragi with Boro will make its debut in NYC, when Atsushi host Sashiko workshop in New York Textile Month.




Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya uses many kinds of old fabrics (so called Kofu.) All of our “one-of-a-kind” jackets are made from Kofu (sometimes we use new fabric to patch or strengthening the old fabric.)



Boro is a very beautiful piece of fabric. At the same time, it is very fragile fabric to work on. We didn’t have much opportunity to deal with Boro until 2014, but we finally did it.


The Noragi with Boro will be displayed at Atsushi’s workshop in NYC. Exciting.




The workshop / a pop-up store is part of New York Textile Month Events.

Please visit the website for more information.



The Design Market x WantedDesign is an innovative retail installation occupying the ground level of the Seaport Studios at 19 Fulton Street (map), offering a carefully curated selection of design objects, including furniture, lighting, home accessories, jewelry, and unique gifts.



Close shot of Noragi with Boros. We stitch with Sashiko technique to make fabric stronger, long-lasting, and beautiful.