Boro / Another beautiful aspect of Sashiko


We, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, finally start dealing with Boro.

Boro became so famous all over the world, and people who enjoy and appreciate the hand-stitching art fell love in the natural beauty of Boro. We also enjoy Boro, too.


Then, why are these the first Boro pieces?

The reason is simple. When we were a part of a company specialized in Sashiko, the concept was to produce the fabric and cloth that “to be” Boro in future. We were proud of what we did, and “reproducing” someone’s Boro wasn’t our primary interest.


After several years we left the company, we start realizing how narrow-minded we were. We now collect Boro, not only for our customers but also for us to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of “time”.


We spend good amount of time in Spring and Summer 2016. These 2 pieces are ready to be in front of art-lovers. These pieces will make their debut in Australia.


BORO_A_F Sashi.Co Boro A 2016

Size: 191cm x 94cm

Price: Ask

BORO_B_F Sashi.Co Boro B 2016

Size: 166cm x 96cm

Price: Ask




We have jackets, bags and more to make their debut in Japan and Australia. They will be available online after the debut. If you are interested in purchasing any products on this website (but not available online yet) please contact us. We will contact you back with more information.


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