Sashi.Co is ongoing. Atsushi just came back.

It has been more than a half year since I had posted the article on this website. Regardless of my vacancy, I am happy that some customers find this webpage and made order. Thank you so much.


Sashi.Co & Keiko have been working on its project while I (Atsushi) was absent online. I didn’t know how challenging it is to be a parent, and I couldn’t make enough time to face to PC to write any articles.





Our daughter became 15 mo old, and now finally allow me to work on my stuff after she goes to sleep. So, Atsushi is coming back.


We have some updates.

Each update has good amount of information, so I will update them one by one, little by little.


Again, I sincerely appreciate to your interests in our Sashi.Co project.


Best Regards,