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Schedule for Sashiko workshop / public speech for Feb 24th to 27th

Here is a reminder note for those who are interested in Sashiko workshops and public speech at FIT next week.

I am so happy to come back to NYC/Brooklyn to share what I am proud of. It is a fantastic way to expand your view of different culture in fashion.

Schedule for Workshops

Workshops at Better Than Jam (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)


20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

(2 min walk from Morgan Stop on L-train) 

Click workshop title to find details & book.

Friday, Feb 24
16:00-19:00 Sashiko Stitching

13:00- 20:00 Sashiko Salon*

Saturday, Feb 25 

12:00-15:00 Sashiko Stitching
16:00-19:00 Hitomezashi Technique*

Monday, Feb 27

10:00-13:00 Sashiko Stitching
10:00-13:30 Sashiko Salon*
*Available only for those who have taken Sashiko Stitching class. 


Workshop at Pioneer Works (Red Hook, Brooklyn)


159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, Feb 26

11:00-14:00 Sashiko Stitching
15:00-18:00 Sashiko Mending


Do not forget to register your seat

Speech at Fashion Institute of Technology

I will talk about the history of Sashiko as well as why it survived to the 21st century. It is open to general public (free of charge). Please come join us to the FIT, katie Murphy Amphitheater to enjoy what Atsushi thinks about Sashiko and his career.

Some sample of Boro and Sashiko Jackets will be displayed for touching and feeling actual works.

Faces & Places in Fashion (FIT)さんの投稿 2017年2月15日(水)

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The core material for better Sashiko result; Sashiko thread.

Make Sashiko beautiful by using thread for Sashiko purpose


I always say that Sashiko practitioner can use any kinds of materials; there are no rules for Sashiko. However, there are some tricks to make Sashiko beautiful. One of the tricks is to use the proper thread for Sashiko.

Any embroidery floss can work on the fabric. But using our Coron/Sashi.Co thread will create the best result in terms of richness of stitching.


A variety of colors & a variety of way to get Sashiko Thread

Coron / Sashi.Co Sashiko thread have large selection of colors. Natural Dye thread is always the most popular product. Synthetic dye thread will also give you the result of beautiful stitches.


Jump to thread page for purchase.


They are all 145 meter long, and it has reasonable price considering the size of thread. (Market leader, Olympus has $2.25 for 20 meter skein. Our price is 13.50 for 145 meter. We have cheaper thread for a meter price! )


If you are living in the U.S. there is an option to get our thread from Amazon with prime benefit. You will get it within 2 days.

Sashiko requires a lot of time and effort to complete one project. It is very enjoyable and rewarding.

Since you will spend a lot of time of your life to make a good Sashiko piece, why don’t you try the best thread we as Sashiko professional always use?


Happy Sashiko life!

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A Company in the United Sutates

Next step in the United States regarding Sashiko

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya has been an individual project for Keiko Futatsuya, and her son, Atsushi, has been helping and supporting Keiko to share Sashi.Co’s product to the world, in English.



Since Atsushi has been a stay-at-home-dad as his full-time job, in spite of his best try, sometimes the order process gets delayed compared to our goal. From 2017, his daughter started going to the day-care, so the process would be more smooth and will meet our expectation.


Also, as Atsushi’s next step, we established a company in the U.S. to expand the market in the U.S.


In Upcycle Stitches LLC, we will provide opportunities to host workshops, provide the Sashiko materials as well as some Japanese hand-made crafts, and share the precious information about the Japanese Mingei as well as the other traditional culture.



We strive to introduce Japanese “hand-made” natural products/services, which appreciate the tradition and nature, up-cycling what we have(had) been cultivating.


We will get better by receiving the reviews and feedbacks from customers and participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for your support!

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Sashiko Stitching Workshop / The First Step of Sashiko

Sashiko Stitching Workshop in 2017

Are you interested in Sashiko? Would you like to get a hand-on workshop to learn what Sashiko is?

We are very happy to announce that we can continue to offer the Sashiko Stitching Workshop in 2017. Thanks to all the participants in the workshops and its feedback, Atsushi will be back to NYC / Brooklyn.

*For the workshop schedule, scroll down to the bottom.

What you can expect in Sashiko Workshop

Sashiko Stitching Workshop comes with all the materials and supply you need to start Sashiko stitching (embroidery). No experience in stitching is required. Participants can bring own sewing tools (such as needles and thimbles), but it is neither requirement for this workshop.


In the workshop, we provide

  • Indigo Fabric with “Asano-Ha(麻の葉)” pattern pre-printed on.
  • Large size and good amount of fabric to make a Tote-bag, a placemat, or a table runner. (Including interlining)
  • Sashiko Thread (While / #12)
  • Needles and Thimble for Sashiko
Sample Photo of Asano-ha pattern



*Please find a blog entry about Asano-Ha Pattern (Coming Soon).


Atsushi share his Sashiko experience and technique on Youtube.


Sashiko Stitching Workshop will cover the similar materials, and hands-on teaching to you until you get the way we do Sashiko. It is a bit challenging to share everything on Youtube. Although I will enrich our Youtube tutorial, this workshop will improve your Sashiko techniques. For those who have never learned Sashiko before, this will be an eye-opening experience. (We use needle and thimble very uniquely comparing to Western Style Embroidery or Stitching)

So far, this workshop received 5-star rating (out of 5) from every single participants. I am very happy that what I can offer is what people are longing for to receive.


Participants Reviews for Sashiko Stitching WOrkshop (Coming Soon)



Sashiko Stitching Workshop Schedule in 2017




3 hours





Friday, Feb 24, 16:00-19:00
Saturday, Feb 25, 12:00-15:00
Monday, Feb 27, 10:00- 13:00


Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
*2 min walk from Morgan stop on L-train

Futatsuya gives three-hour hands-on session of basic sashiko technique to stitch traditional “asanoha” (hemp leaf) pattern. You will go home with a fabric large enough to make a tote bag, placemat, patchworking, or your own project after the workshop. The workshop comes with a complete kit of sashiko needles, a sashiko thimble, a skein of white sashiko thread, and fabric with asano-ha patterns printed on. You do not need to bring any tools, but you are also welcome to bring you own sewing tools.


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Sashiko Thread Available on

I accomplished one of my resolution in 2017, providing our Sashiko thread to more Sashiko lovers.


Our Sashiko Thread (manufactured by Coron) is available on

Mono Color Sashiko Thread –

Variegated Color Sashiko Thread –





Due to the limited numbers of stock, we are not able to list the natural dye thread. We hope, one day, Keiko can produce at least 20 skeins of thread and list it most convenient market place. I am working on applying the thread to Amazon Prime, so it will be more comfortable starting sometime in February.


For U.S. residents, and Atsushi’s new brand shopping site would be the easiest place to get our thread. (No need to pay $18 flat shipping fee.)

Check it out!


Sentence: Atsushi Futatsuya

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Hitomezashi Workshop / Step.1

The first step to make “it” happen.

We are happy to announce Atsushi will start the HitomeZashi Workshop.


*Prerequisite: Asano-ha Sashiko Stithch Workshop

*For the workshop schedule, scroll down to the bottom.

“When do you offer the workshop to make ‘it’?”

When Sayaka (the organizer of my workshops) shows her Sashiko jackets, many participants asked me this question, when do I teach you how to make Hitome-Zashi Sashiko like the photo.

I replied that I need a lot of preparation to offer the Hitomezashi workshop. I kept my words, and finally I am ready to offer the first Hitomezashi workshop.

However, please understand that this workshop will not provide the material / tutorials to make the jacket above. The jacket in the photo is the ultimate result of all the information and techniques we have as Sashiko professional, so we have to take several steps to reach you there.

In this workshop, “Hitomezashi Part.1”, I will teach you what “Hitomezashi” is and how to do it on plain Indigo Dye fabric.

The picture shows the material, which will be use in the workshop. The participants will bring this back to your home, with your Sashiko stitches. The participant may learn how to Sashiko on the Hitomezashi pattern, how to create your original (unique) Hitomezashi pattern, and how to implement it to your own project.

This workshop require the experience and knowledge from Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch workshop. The way we hold needle is one of the key to make beautiful Sashiko patterns. Therefore, we set a rule of Prerequisite of Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop.

After this workshop, we have a few steps to make “it” happen.

Here are the example of steps we look forward to:

(Not included in this workshop… sorry.)

  • Creating and implementing the unique Hitomezashi pattern by using a grid on fabrics
  • Layering several patterned fabric and make beautiful Hitomezashi patterns
  • Practicing Hitomezashi Sashiko on “patterned” fabric by using the pattern as grid.
  • Finding the good fabrics to Hitomezashi, from both aspect of quality and patterns.

In order to make these steps available to public, we have to find good fabric to do the workshop with. If I am doing the workshop for one or two participants, we could use the vintage fabric. (Well, the cost of workshop will skyrocket.). Good vintage fabric (Kasuri / cotton 100%) is the best materials for Hitomezashi.


Please let us have some time to prepare the Hitomezashi workshop part. 2. Meanwhile, the participants can practice Hitomezashi Sashiko on different fabrics for own projects. The final workshop for Hitomezashi will require a set of all the skills and techniques I have shared (including the techniques I will share in future workshops)

Let’s start the first step of this exciting Sashiko journey!

Sample of Hitomezashi Sashiko with vintage fabric. Let’s get to this level by taking the first step in the workshop.

Please register yourself on Curious Corner’s website (Sayaka, my organizer’s webpage).

Hitomezashi Workshop Part.1

Schedule for Hitomezashi Workshop in 2017:

Saturday, Feb 25, 16:00-19:00

Fee (per day):


Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
*2 min walk from Morgan stop on L-train

Futatsuya guides you through first steps to master “Hitomezashi,” one of traditional sashiko techniques to layer and reinforce fabric with reversible embroidery. You will be stitching traditional “kakino-ha” (persimmon leaves) pattern on indigo fabric large enough to make a table mat.

*You require to take Futatsuya’s Sashiko Stitching Workshop to join this class. Please bring sashiko needle and skein from the class. Sashiko threads are included in the class. Additional materials are available for purchase during the class.

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Sashiko Salon: Get together again.

Let’s get together, Sashiko Salon!

We are happy to announce that we will open a pop-up Sashiko Salon in 2017.

*This salon is only for Atsushi’s Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop graduates.

*For the salon schedule, I will list all the plans in 2017.

“We would like to get together again, to share the Sashiko project, to ask questions each other (and to Atsushi), so we won’t miss a nice group of people.”

I am so lucky to meet very nice people throughout my workshops. I hear the voice from participants and I strongly agree with the feedback. It is nice to get together and share the Sashiko works you have done / have been working on. Sashiko create very calming and relaxing time, but at the same time, it is nice to have people, who all love doing Sashiko, around.

It is like a day ticket to come in to the workshop room.

You are welcome to listen to the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop, which will be going on at some point of Sashiko Salon time-frame. When the Sashiko workshop is not ongoing, you are welcome to ask Atsushi any questions regarding Sashiko. Sashiko thread, vintage/Indigo Sashiko fabric, needles and thimbles, and other supplies will be available with discounted price (10% off from regular price). Bring your own projects and enjoy Sashiko with other graduates!

Here are some rules in the Sashiko Salon.

  • This is not hands-on workshop. Atsushi will neither teach you nor direct you to do Sashiko project. Please bring your own project to the salon.
  • Atsushi will be available to the questions regarding Sashiko, and the workshop materials he covered in the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop. Questions such as “How do I tailer the sample bag?” or “How do I Sashiko with Shippou patterns?” will not be answered fully. Atsushi will do his best to answer the questions and accommodate the needs, but the time with Atsushi may be limited.
  • For those who participates to the Salon, Atsushi plans to provide “Mini-workshop (like a 5 to 15 min)” based on the request. (An additional fee may occur / he is thinking $5 to #20, depending on the materials he covers)
  • During the regular Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop, Salon participants are not allowed to ask questions to Atsushi, unless you register yourself to the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop. I would like to be as fair as possible.


Please register yourself on Curious Corner’s website (Sayaka, my organizer’s webpage).


Schedule and advertisement for Sashiko Salon in 2017:

Friday, Feb 24, 13:00 – 20:00
Monday, Feb 27, 10:00 – 13:30

Fee (per day):


Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
*2 min walk from Morgan stop on L-train

Sashiko Salon is for those who have taken Atsushi Futatsuya’s Sashiko Stitching Class (not Sashiko Mending Class). Come by anytime during the hours with your current sashiko projects. It is a great opportunity to meet other sashiko lovers and ask specific questions to Futatsuya.

Please note this is not hands-on workshop. Sashiko Stitching class will go on in the same space during the salon. It is great opportunity for you to review the class, but you may not join the workshop and Futatsuya will only be available to answer your questions between his lectures. Please make sure to bring your own project to work on during the salon.

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Sashiko Year of 2017 | Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya

It was such a pleasure to host Sashiko workshops in 2016.

We plan to develop more workshops and web-service in 2017. We look forward to serving you for better Sashiko life.



Sashiko workshop



For Sashiko workshop

Atsushi will host several workshops including basic “Asano-ha” pattern one, mending workshops, and finally “Hitome-zashi” workshops. The location is mainly in NYC or Brooklyn area, but Atsushi is open to discuss about options to offer workshops in USA.



Online Shopping Sashiko Supplies

This website is the main website of Keiko’s business located in Japan. All of the products on this website will be shipped from Japan to you. In order to maintain the safe and comfortable shopping experience, please understand that we have $18.00 Flat Rate shipping to most of the countries in the world.  (We now offer free shipping to the order with $300 purchase.)


Atsushi, who lives in the US, will start his own projects soon, and the same Sashiko supplies will be available with US domestic shipping fee (USPS). For more information, please visit the web-service listed below. Also, some supplies are available in some workshops Atsushi hosts (as a form of pop-up store.)


Also, we have “Kimonomomo” as our supplier in the US. Kimonomomo participates in some textile shows and exhibits throughout the year. Please contact her if you are interested in checking our supplies directly in these shows.


For Australian residence, we have “Indigo Niche” as our distributor.
If you live in besides these countries, USA, Australia, and Japan, shopping on this website will be the best deal regardless the $18.00 shipping flat rate. Please contact me if you have any special requests. Atsushi will be happy to accommodate what we can do.



Sashiko Tutorials and information database


It has been my goal (or resolution) every year… Since my daughter starts going to day-care, I will have more time to focus on Sashiko. I hope I can provide more tutorials and update the information database. Message me or ask me for the update so I will keep myself busy (or motivated…)




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About Product Price and Shipment

Thank you for visiting our Sashiko Web shop.

All of the products on this website will be shipped from Japan, with Japanese Postel Service (via Air, not via Ship). No matter how small the order is, the flat rate shipping fee of $18.00 will be applied to your order.


We have several distributors in the world, one in Australia and 2 (including Atsushi) in the U.S. These distributors covers all the shipping, insurance, tax and other things, so the price you may see on their website or on their counter at the textile show may be more expensive than the price on this website.

Please be advised that the price on this website is for the products shipped from Japan. The customer will be responsible for the shipping fee, and if necessary, custom and duty.


Atsushi is also planning to open an “Amazon Prime qualified account” on Amazon USA so people can enjoy the hassle free shipping experience. (There is an account already, but not prime qualified yet.)


We will try our best to arrange the most comfortable shopping environment for customers. Please be patient, and give me feedback so I can work on improving the issues first.




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Sashiko Mending Workshop Details.

Sashiko Workshops in NYC, Again!

I am so happy to share that I am hosting Sashiko workshops again in NYC. Thanks to Sayaka @ Curious Corners, a stay-at-home father like me got a great opportunity. I am very fortuned to meet the participants.


2 kinds of Sashiko Workshops

I host two types of workshops this time. One workshop is about Sashiko stitching from the traditional aspect of Sashiko culture, “Sashiko Stitching Workshop“. Sashiko Stitching Workshop is the fundamental workshop in order to learn what Sashiko is, and I received so many good comments and feedback on the Sashiko (Basic) Stitching workshop.




Another workshop I host is “Sashiko Mending Workshop.”

Today, let me share what I do on the Sashiko Mending Workshop.

This workshop focuses on “what Sashiko can do” rather than “what Sashiko is.” I will not talk about the Sashiko traditions deeply (of course, I will share my knowledge about Sashiko), and I will not introduce the technique I want all Sashiko learners to understand and master (of course, I will show you how, but we spend more time on the actual mending process rather than practicing how to do Sashiko).


Participants to the Sashiko Mending workshop will get FOUR kinds of fabrics including Indigo dye cotton fabric and denim fabric made in Japan. Each fabric is large enough to cover a big hole up to 8″ x 8″. Sashiko thimble, needles and a skein of Sashiko thread are also included to the workshop. I even show you how to transfer the pattern on the fabric briefly.


The goal of Sashiko Mending Workshop

The goal of this “Sashiko Mending Workshop” is to give participants enough resources to repair their garment by using some Sashiko technique and culture. I will not go into details, but you will have basic techniques and information without focusing actual Sashiko techniques. (Some participants who enjoyed my workshop experience so-called “uncomfortableness of stitching” because of how we use Sashiko Thimble. If you would like to learn and master how to use the thimble in our way, please join the Sashiko Stitching Workshop.)


*The photo is sample jeans repaired by us.


In addition to that… !!

The participants will be able to choose their favorite Vintage and/or Sashiko fabric from my collections. The size varies based on the type of fabrics, but even for the most valuable fabric, participants will get large enough to patch a basic Jeans hole on knee area (about 4″ x 6″).


vintagefabricmountain-2 vintagefabricmountain-1


It is very challenging to get good vintage fabrics.

It is even more challenging to get good Sashiko on the good vintage fabric.


We provide that.

My goal is to share how to repair participants’ garments by their hands, using some Sashiko techniques. It also means that my goal is to share how we can appreciate to the fabric. At the same time, I would like to share how cool the one-of-a-kind garment can be. In order to achieve my goal and dream, this vintage fabric is an ideal item on the workshop.


Of course, the vintage and/or Sashiko fabric (the piece of 6″ x 4″ or more)  is Free of Charge for Sashiko Mending Workshop Participants. It is included to the workshop price.

*6″ x 4″ means 6 inch x 4 inch, which is about 15cm x 10cm.


I will write about Sashiko Mending Workshop more later. It will be so much fun to get together and mend your favorite garment with our Sashiko Vintage Fabric.


We have limited seat available for both workshops. If you are interested, please register!