The core material for better Sashiko result; Sashiko thread.

Make Sashiko beautiful by using thread for Sashiko purpose


I always say that Sashiko practitioner can use any kinds of materials; there are no rules for Sashiko. However, there are some tricks to make Sashiko beautiful. One of the tricks is to use the proper thread for Sashiko.

Any embroidery floss can work on the fabric. But using our Coron/Sashi.Co thread will create the best result in terms of richness of stitching.


A variety of colors & a variety of way to get Sashiko Thread

Coron / Sashi.Co Sashiko thread have large selection of colors. Natural Dye thread is always the most popular product. Synthetic dye thread will also give you the result of beautiful stitches.


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They are all 145 meter long, and it has reasonable price considering the size of thread. (Market leader, Olympus has $2.25 for 20 meter skein. Our price is 13.50 for 145 meter. We have cheaper thread for a meter price! )


If you are living in the U.S. there is an option to get our thread from Amazon with prime benefit. You will get it within 2 days.

Sashiko requires a lot of time and effort to complete one project. It is very enjoyable and rewarding.

Since you will spend a lot of time of your life to make a good Sashiko piece, why don’t you try the best thread we as Sashiko professional always use?


Happy Sashiko life!