Before the FIT speech on 2/27 ~ about Atsushi and Sashiko

A week to go to the FIT speech. Exciting and nervous.

This is a blog entry to introduce who Atsushi is, and what Sashiko ism before the speech at Fashion Institute of Technology, on February 27th.


About Atsushi and Sashiko.

Hello, my name is Atsushi Futatsuya.

I was born in Japan, as the third generation of a surviving sashiko family in Gifu prefecture. Sashiko was around me since my childhood. A needle and threads were part of my daily life, and the Sashiko artisans with doing Sashiko on the fabric was my ordinary scenery.



After my father passed away, my mother and I established the project called, “Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya (Design with Sashiko)” to introduce what Sashiko is, to the world. Our goal is to upcycle and repurpose the

Our goal is to upcycle and re-purpose the fabric, and share the technique and culture of Sashiko by creating Sashiko arts.


What is Sashiko?

Sashiko is a process of stitching for mending, enforcing, and decorating the fabric. We use unique thimbles and needles to make stitches all over the fabric with various kinds of patterns and designs.



Sashiko was developed in a small snowy village, where the Japanese people experienced difficulty to get enough fabric to make extra garments. One farmer kept wearing the same jackets for his entire life, and even passed it downed to the son. They repeated mending and repairing the fabric. And they cared the detail to make it beautiful in such a severe situation.


In Sashi.Co, we collect Japanese vintage fabric and perform Sashiko on it to make the Jackets or Bags to introduce Sashiko.




FIT Speech / Power of Repurposing

Let me stop here so I will not share all the FIT Speech materials on this blog.

The theme of presentation will be “Power of Repourposing”: the impression I have after living with Sashiko for a long time.


If you are interested in these keywords below, I believe I can share the unique view from unique hand-craft industry.

  • Japanese Vintage Fabric / Boro
  • Japanese Hand-made Art
  • Japanese “Outside” Art
  • Sashiko and Stitching (Embroidery)
  • Fashion with One-of-a-kind


Our core concepts are “Up-cycle” and “Repurpose” the fabric, with appreciating to the fabric.

We hope to see you soon.


Faces & Places in Fashion (FIT)さんの投稿 2017年2月15日