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Natural Dye Threads | Indigo & Kakishibu

In the summer of 2017, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya released the two beautiful Natural Dye Threads to the market. Indigo Dyed Sashiko Thread and Kakishibu Dyed Sashiko Thread. These two Natural Dye Sashiko Thread are not only our products to introduce what we believe in Sashiko but also our dream in practicing Sashiko with Japanese vintage fabric.

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Natural Dye Threads from Great Nature

We are fortuned to have these six colors from the Nature. Two shades of Indigo Blue and four shades of Kakishibu Gold. In the long history of Sashiko, the natural dye thread and its colors played a big role. The color changes provided by the natural colors contributed the big picture of Boro and other Sashiko pieces. We are happy to follow the traditional path by having the Indigo and Kakishibu Sashiko thread in our collection. And, of course, to share these beautiful thread with you.

Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread 2

Persimmon Kakishibu Dye Sashiko



Keiko does her best to produce the “regularly colored” thread. Although they are hand-dyed with natural dyes, we can barely see the color variegation (besides the one she dyed purposefully for that). Please expect that every thread has the even color throughout the 145 meter long. It is much easier to make the irregularly colored thread. We just wanted to be as professional & artisans as we can.




Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread


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Natural Dye Threads Indigo




Kakishibu (Persimmon Tannin) Sashiko Thread


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Persimmon Kakishibu Dye Sashiko Thread bobbin thread / Natural Dye Threads