A Company in the United Sutates

Next step in the United States regarding Sashiko

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya has been an individual project for Keiko Futatsuya, and her son, Atsushi, has been helping and supporting Keiko to share Sashi.Co’s product to the world, in English.



Since Atsushi has been a stay-at-home-dad as his full-time job, in spite of his best try, sometimes the order process gets delayed compared to our goal. From 2017, his daughter started going to the day-care, so the process would be more smooth and will meet our expectation.


Also, as Atsushi’s next step, we established a company in the U.S. to expand the market in the U.S.




In Upcycle Stitches LLC, we will provide opportunities to host workshops, provide the Sashiko materials as well as some Japanese hand-made crafts, and share the precious information about the Japanese Mingei as well as the other traditional culture.



We strive to introduce Japanese “hand-made” natural products/services, which appreciate the tradition and nature, up-cycling what we have(had) been cultivating.


We will get better by receiving the reviews and feedbacks from customers and participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for your support!