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Grandma Pincushion (Bachan Hariyama)

I am pleasantly surprised the numbers of reaction we have been receiving on the Instagram Post about the Grandma Pincushion. Thank you very much for the reaction. We can ship internationally from Japan, and there is no restriction to purchase it.

However, there is one thing we would like to ask. Please give us time to make it. It is probably wise (and better) to make as many pincushions as possible when so many customers would like to purchase. If there are 30 customers are willing to purchase, it is our good-decision to make 30 of them as quick as possible. We never know if these 30 potential customers would purchase it the same day year from now.

Although we know how the business should work, we don’t plan to make them as quickly as possible, because we have a concept for this pincushion. This is one example of “Our concept comes before the business”.

We would ask you to wait. However, we also promise that we will keep making it as long as we continue the journey with Sashiko. So, please bear with us a while until the day we can deliver it to you.

Concept of Grandma Pincushion

This Grandma pincushion has a bit of “long” history.

Keiko and I used to work for our family Sashiko business. With more than 15 artisans working together, we had a lot of “Unusable Swatches” and sometimes we had to throw them away. I didn’t like the idea, and what Keiko came up with is this Grandma Pincushion.

After we left the Sashiko business, it is only Keiko & her friends who make Sashiko items. Therefore, we do not have that much “almost-in-trash swatches” of fabrics. Therefore, it is taking so much time to make it.

If we were to cut the fresh fabric to make one, it isn’t following the concept of “No more waste of fabric”. We prefer not to make the pincushion for “business”, and keep the way it is of making it to avoid the waste.

(Because of this concept, we can make the price reasonable. We only add the materials fee for the finishing parts of pincushion).

Again, It may be a silly idea to do so in the “fast & speedy” business world. However, we would like to respect the concept we set up, and we also ask you to understand what is important for us.

I appreciate your understanding for this.

When the item is ready, I will let you know on the same media you gave me the notification. If it is from Instagram, I will write a comment with mentioning your account, like “Hello, @______. Your pincushion is ready. Please proceed the order” and such. After a few days of waiting, I will pass the purchase right to the next person in the order. Don’t worry about it. Unless you give us the message that you are no longer interested, we will keep letting you know whenever we come up with the new one.

In order to be on the list, please leave the comment on the Instagram post, or simply leave the comment here. I will put your name on the list on first-come-first-on, basis.

Grandma Pincushi Product Information

Size: About 4″ x 3″ x 3″

Weight : About 30 gram

Price: $25.00 (as of 2019. subject to change based on the exchange rate) plus Shipping fee (depends on the location you live in).

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Grandma PinCushion 2
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