Sashiko Shipping in COVID-19

Update for Sashiko Shipping in COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in having us your Sashiko supplier in this difficult time. It is our pleasure to provide the authentic and great quality Sashiko supplies all made in Japan. We have not received any restriction in Japan for the ordinary online business activities. We will continue our regular business (Online Store & Shipping Internationally) until the further notification from the Japanese Government. Here is an update for our Sashiko Shipping in COVID-19 situation.

【Update April 24th】- PLEASE READ

The Air Package (EMS/Priority Mail) to U.S. will not be accepted by Japan Post. Please expect a significant delay to make a shipment to the United States since we would make a shipment with “Surface“.

Also, Japan Post expanded the list of countries to suspend the shipping. Please check their website for the latest update. You may contact us for the availability as well.

Due to this significant crisis, our partner, “Upcycle Stitches“, may be able to fulfill your international order. If you are a resident of the U.S. please check Upcycle Stitches website. They have very similar collection to what we offer.

The regular Air packages, which had shipped prior to April 24th, seem to be significantly delayed over the crisis. We issue the tracking numbers to all of the packages. Please check the status on Japan Post website.

If your country is listed on the “Temporary Suspended” list, please expect a significant delay since we will wait to process the order until Japan Post announce the reopening of their operation to your country. We keep eye on their update, and once they are open, we will make a shipment with EMS.

*On 4/24, with the announcement for the suspension to all the package to the U.S., we contacted the local post office if the package can be retrieved. We couldn’t get them back, and it seems they are in the warehouse waiting for the flight. We can submit the request to retrieve the order, and we “may” be able to get it back to sender. However, please understand that the fee may occur, and it may take longer than completing the shipping to the final destination. (Update on 5/4)

In order to avoid unnecessary delay, if your country allows us, we upgrade all of the shipping to EMS (Express Mail). Due to this decision, the flat rate shipping fee is $38.00. If your country does NOT allow the EMS, then we will complete the shipping with whatever available option, which includes Surface Shipping (Surface may take 2~3 months to complete).

Alternatively, Upcycle Stitches may be able to make a shipment from the U.S., which $38.00 may be able to cover the shipping fee difference (Please try to order from their website since we have different price setting.)

Thank you for your understanding.

[Update April 17th, then May 6th]

With accepting the national emergency issued by the Japanese government as well as the request of suspending specific business activities from Gifu Prefecture, all of the appointments, visitation, workshops, and shopping opportunities will be cancelled from 4/18 to 5/6, 2020.

With accepting the extension of national emergency, we will continue to shut down our face to face operation until the 5/31/2020. (4/18 to 5/31).

It is an unfortunate announcement to make. However, we need to collaborate together for “Stay Home”. Your understanding is very much appreciated. Anyone who has an appointment / reservation made for this period will be notified by email. Please check your email address. Thank you.

[Update April 12th]

Japan Post updated the countries that they do not accept the package to. Please check the list first. If your country is listed as “EMS/Airmail suspended” category, please DO NOT place an order. We will not be able to make a package to your country. The process of refunding can take longer if you make an order to the countries where Japan Post suspended to make a delivery.

Sashiko Shipping in COVID-19

On April 1st, the Japan Post, which is our main carrier, announced the Temporary suspension of acceptance of certain packages to the certain countries. For the specific countries on the list, please check the PDF or Image below.

If you are making an order to the address in the countries in the list, please be aware that it can take very long time to complete the delivery. We will take an order, and wait for the restart. However, it may be a good idea to hold the order until the settle down.

Besides the countries in the list, we will continue the shipping regularly. Japan Post says that the delivery delay. It can be delayed, but some of the package (EMS) came to the USA in a week or so, which was as usual.

We will always assign the tracking code & proper insurance to our package. Although it may take extra time to get there, we will make sure that you will receive what you order. Thank you for your understanding.

[The image is from April 2nd]

Please check the latest information on Japan Post website.

Retailers in Your country

Since our products are mainly hand-prepared. Therefore, we do not have many “retailers” who provide our supplies on behalf of us. We do not do the wholesale. However, there are 2 retailers in 2 countries as of April 2020.

It may be easier to place an order from them if you reside in the countries with the specific Retailer.


Indigo Niche

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Upcycle Stitches