Hitomezashi Workshop / Step.1

The first step to make “it” happen.

We are happy to announce Atsushi will start the HitomeZashi Workshop.


*Prerequisite: Asano-ha Sashiko Stithch Workshop

*For the workshop schedule, scroll down to the bottom.

“When do you offer the workshop to make ‘it’?”

When Sayaka (the organizer of my workshops) shows her Sashiko jackets, many participants asked me this question, when do I teach you how to make Hitome-Zashi Sashiko like the photo.

I replied that I need a lot of preparation to offer the Hitomezashi workshop. I kept my words, and finally I am ready to offer the first Hitomezashi workshop.

However, please understand that this workshop will not provide the material / tutorials to make the jacket above. The jacket in the photo is the ultimate result of all the information and techniques we have as Sashiko professional, so we have to take several steps to reach you there.

In this workshop, “Hitomezashi Part.1”, I will teach you what “Hitomezashi” is and how to do it on plain Indigo Dye fabric.

The picture shows the material, which will be use in the workshop. The participants will bring this back to your home, with your Sashiko stitches. The participant may learn how to Sashiko on the Hitomezashi pattern, how to create your original (unique) Hitomezashi pattern, and how to implement it to your own project.

This workshop require the experience and knowledge from Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch workshop. The way we hold needle is one of the key to make beautiful Sashiko patterns. Therefore, we set a rule of Prerequisite of Asano-Ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop.

After this workshop, we have a few steps to make “it” happen.

Here are the example of steps we look forward to:

(Not included in this workshop… sorry.)

  • Creating and implementing the unique Hitomezashi pattern by using a grid on fabrics
  • Layering several patterned fabric and make beautiful Hitomezashi patterns
  • Practicing Hitomezashi Sashiko on “patterned” fabric by using the pattern as grid.
  • Finding the good fabrics to Hitomezashi, from both aspect of quality and patterns.

In order to make these steps available to public, we have to find good fabric to do the workshop with. If I am doing the workshop for one or two participants, we could use the vintage fabric. (Well, the cost of workshop will skyrocket.). Good vintage fabric (Kasuri / cotton 100%) is the best materials for Hitomezashi.


Please let us have some time to prepare the Hitomezashi workshop part. 2. Meanwhile, the participants can practice Hitomezashi Sashiko on different fabrics for own projects. The final workshop for Hitomezashi will require a set of all the skills and techniques I have shared (including the techniques I will share in future workshops)

Let’s start the first step of this exciting Sashiko journey!

Sample of Hitomezashi Sashiko with vintage fabric. Let’s get to this level by taking the first step in the workshop.

Please register yourself on Curious Corner’s website (Sayaka, my organizer’s webpage).

Hitomezashi Workshop Part.1

Schedule for Hitomezashi Workshop in 2017:

Saturday, Feb 25, 16:00-19:00

Fee (per day):


Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
*2 min walk from Morgan stop on L-train

Futatsuya guides you through first steps to master “Hitomezashi,” one of traditional sashiko techniques to layer and reinforce fabric with reversible embroidery. You will be stitching traditional “kakino-ha” (persimmon leaves) pattern on indigo fabric large enough to make a table mat.

*You require to take Futatsuya’s Sashiko Stitching Workshop to join this class. Please bring sashiko needle and skein from the class. Sashiko threads are included in the class. Additional materials are available for purchase during the class.