Sashiko Salon: Get together again.

Let’s get together, Sashiko Salon!

We are happy to announce that we will open a pop-up Sashiko Salon in 2017.

*This salon is only for Atsushi’s Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop graduates.

*For the salon schedule, I will list all the plans in 2017.

“We would like to get together again, to share the Sashiko project, to ask questions each other (and to Atsushi), so we won’t miss a nice group of people.”

I am so lucky to meet very nice people throughout my workshops. I hear the voice from participants and I strongly agree with the feedback. It is nice to get together and share the Sashiko works you have done / have been working on. Sashiko create very calming and relaxing time, but at the same time, it is nice to have people, who all love doing Sashiko, around.

It is like a day ticket to come in to the workshop room.

You are welcome to listen to the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop, which will be going on at some point of Sashiko Salon time-frame. When the Sashiko workshop is not ongoing, you are welcome to ask Atsushi any questions regarding Sashiko. Sashiko thread, vintage/Indigo Sashiko fabric, needles and thimbles, and other supplies will be available with discounted price (10% off from regular price). Bring your own projects and enjoy Sashiko with other graduates!

Here are some rules in the Sashiko Salon.

  • This is not hands-on workshop. Atsushi will neither teach you nor direct you to do Sashiko project. Please bring your own project to the salon.
  • Atsushi will be available to the questions regarding Sashiko, and the workshop materials he covered in the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop. Questions such as “How do I tailer the sample bag?” or “How do I Sashiko with Shippou patterns?” will not be answered fully. Atsushi will do his best to answer the questions and accommodate the needs, but the time with Atsushi may be limited.
  • For those who participates to the Salon, Atsushi plans to provide “Mini-workshop (like a 5 to 15 min)” based on the request. (An additional fee may occur / he is thinking $5 to #20, depending on the materials he covers)
  • During the regular Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop, Salon participants are not allowed to ask questions to Atsushi, unless you register yourself to the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitch Workshop. I would like to be as fair as possible.


Please register yourself on Curious Corner’s website (Sayaka, my organizer’s webpage).

Sashiko Salon


Schedule and advertisement for Sashiko Salon in 2017:

Friday, Feb 24, 13:00 – 20:00
Monday, Feb 27, 10:00 – 13:30

Fee (per day):


Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
*2 min walk from Morgan stop on L-train

Sashiko Salon is for those who have taken Atsushi Futatsuya’s Sashiko Stitching Class (not Sashiko Mending Class). Come by anytime during the hours with your current sashiko projects. It is a great opportunity to meet other sashiko lovers and ask specific questions to Futatsuya.

Please note this is not hands-on workshop. Sashiko Stitching class will go on in the same space during the salon. It is great opportunity for you to review the class, but you may not join the workshop and Futatsuya will only be available to answer your questions between his lectures. Please make sure to bring your own project to work on during the salon.